The South Pond in the Fall

I had never had the opportunity to photograph a family at the South Pond in Lincoln Park. When this family contacted me with that idea, I was excited because I knew how beautiful the area was. I was also super excited because I found out the family had 4 kids. I love big families. Love.  My dad’s sister had 5 kids and I was an only child so going to their house was always pretty much like going to Disney Land. I don’t need Disney! I just need cousins!

Not only was the location beautiful, but it was the most beautiful fall day. Not a cloud in the sky and the temperature was on point.


Possibly the best part of the morning was when the dad said, No, let me hold all 4 of them. Got it done! Nicely done….even though the baby wasn’t as impressed with this feat as I was.

This girl is perfecting her rock star pose. And it’s perfect.

Thank you to this fun family of 6 for contacting me for photographs! I had the best time with you!



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