This Little Guy Turned 2….

….Fine he turned 2 six weeks ago. But see, he’s getting his own time to shine in the spotlight….and I mean I took the pictures so it’s not quite as bad as it could be for the poor second born and soon to be middle child.

This little man of ours. What to even say about him. We named him Calvin Rocco with the Rocco being a little bit of a joke since when I was pregnant we called it ‘Rocky’ not knowing the gender and that particular nickname stuck after asking his big sister what the baby’s name was to which she responded, “Rock-a-baby in the tree top.”

He came out with his fists up. I mean literally, I think his one arm had been up in utero so it was always kind of stuck in front of his face like he was a boxer protecting himself.


Calvin Rocco.

With the intention of calling him ‘Cal’. That never has been able to stick. He’s just *such* a Rocky and thus the poor kid goes by Rocky. When you ask him what his name is, Calvin or Rocky, he says “Rocky”. And often refers to himself in the third person. As in, “Rocky do it. Rocky try. Rocky’s turn.”

Whereas his sister would sit quietly and work a puzzle, Rocky prefers to throw the puzzle pieces. Or, at least, he will work a puzzle and then just throw the entire puzzle board across the room.

When you ask him what he wants to be when he grows up he says, “Throw.” At one point we were trying to train him to respond to, “What do you want to drink when you grow up?” with “Beer.” But that didn’t quite stick. Yet.

He’s like the roommate. You know that guy. That guy that is always crashing around your place and somehow hanging out on your couch. Not that I don’t have high dreams and expectations for him….”Now pitching for the Chicago Cubs: Cal ‘Rocky’ Rieger” or, you know, The President…but the amount that this kid just crashes through rooms and makes an entrance and doesn’t ever, ever, ever, ever let you forget that he exists, I don’t know…he’d have to find some control before taking the mound for the Cubs. Or with the way this season is going maybe not. Shit, maybe he’ll be out there in a few years.

He also can be doing something so naughty and bad and then he looks at you with that little smile, with the little dimple and I can’t help but laugh and let him go on doing what thing he shouldn’t be doing.

Happy birthday kid. Just a little belated. Don’t worry, the brother or sister that is coming your way probably won’t have any pictures.

(To the third born, I promise I will take your picture…don’t worry).

We had a small gathering with some neighbors and the grandparents. The party started with a little photoshoot (to which the sister and the neighbor got to get some pictures of themselves too…because you know the first born doesn’t have enough pictures of herself).

2014-06-17_0002 2014-06-17_0003 2014-06-17_0004

The orange ballon was great fun.


This is Myriam our neighbor’s daughter and Rocky’s very good friend. We recently saw them at the beach and when they came walking across the sand I said to Rocky, “Who is that?” and he had a big smile on is face and said, “MIMI” (that’s what he calls her).


How about this bit of trouble. Serious city kids. I love it.


Serious Lucy & Twirly Lucy!

2014-06-17_0008 2014-06-17_0009 2014-06-17_0010

Last year Rocky absolutely inhaled his birthday cupcake. In about a minute flat. Or less. This year was no less spectacular.


These two. Thick as thieves….most of the time. We won’t talk about the other times when they are just screaming about not having whatever the other one has. But in general. They are really close.


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