Veronica Rae. My Own.

Eleven days ago we welcomed our third child into our family. Veronica Rae was born on October 2nd.  Her birth story and photos from the hospital and first few days can be found on the site that my husband and I run together: Fair warning there are two pictures of her immediately after the birth covered in Lots of Goo. Gross.

I know “they”, they being the photographer powers that be, say you should do a newborn photo session 7-10 days after the birth. So we were at 11 days and I figured, “Hey! I’m a photographer and I have a newborn!” Of course I’m outside this 7-10 day window but whatever, I also don’t have the 2 hours or so to devote to a full newborn session with two other looney balooneys running around. And so I did a mini session with her. New gray couch? Check. Big windows? Check! Throw her on the couch and let’s get to it! To my third born, that might be the last dedicated photo session I give you. Your big sister joined us at the end. She really really loves holding you. And reading you books. I think you are lucky to have a Lucy as a big sister. I’m sure your brother would have joined as well but he was off napping. Next time…you know when we do our family pictures for a holiday card. We might be able to get all three of you together!

I love you baby girl. I’m so excited to see what kind of person you turn out to be. For now you seem to be super calm and chill, but I worry that it’s  just the first two weeks out of the womb and so maybe you’ll be a little terror as time goes on. I don’t think so though. You seem to have the perfect personality for a third born (in a family with three kids as I’m pretty sure you’re the last) because you seem to roll with the punches, have no problems sleeping with your brother and sister yelling at each other or sticking their face in your face saying, “wake up baby. WAKE UP BABY!!!!”

Oh and last night you went 6 hours between feedings. AT 10 DAYS! Keep that up for sure! Mom and Dad like their sleep.

chicago_family_child_photographer_0001 chicago_family_child_photographer_0002 chicago_family_child_photographer_0003 chicago_family_child_photographer_0004 chicago_family_child_photographer_0005 chicago_family_child_photographer_0006 chicago_family_child_photographer_0007 chicago_family_child_photographer_0008 chicago_family_child_photographer_0009 chicago_family_child_photographer_0010 chicago_family_child_photographer_0011 chicago_family_child_photographer_0012 chicago_family_child_photographer_0013


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  • Susan Budde

    What beautiful photos of a beautiful baby girl.
    Amazing how Veronica is starting to find her hands already.
    And by the way – your oldest daughter looks just like you!
    Great photo shoot!!

  • Patricia Crittendon

    Loved all the photos and your article. I just am amazed at how you are pulling it all together and staying so calm. Not at all like the little girl I knew years ago. Looking so forward to seeing everyone and cannot wait to spend time with your mom.ReplyCancel

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