Walking Stick Woods with a Family of Five

I love families that look a lot like my family in terms of size and ages. We’ve know this family since their oldest and my oldest were only about a year old. Now those babies are in 3rd and 2nd grade! It’s unreal how time flies. I know it’s such a cliche, but for real.

We have done photos with this family in the past at the North Park Village Nature Center and they wanted to return but the main path doesn’t open till 10am and we needed to meet early because of schedules (and in the end the rain that started right at the end of our session!). So we explored the Walking Stick Woods that is on the grounds on the east side. After we walked around there we walked by the water and bridge (I don’t know if there is an official name) and took some recreations from their maternity session 3 years previously.

This family is so beautiful and it’s so much fun to take pictures of them. It’s a win win for me because I get to see old friends and catch up too!

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