Watching a Family Grow

I have had the joy of getting to take this family’s pictures for the past three years! It is so fun for me as a photographer to watch a family grow over the years. We’ve always done a different locations (in front of the marathon and at the museum campus), and this year they suggested we meet at Oak St. Beach. I have never done a photo shoot there before and I was excited to have the opportunity to try a new location. The day was a little hazy which was perfect for the location.

I always love to chat with the older boy becuase he’s a huge Cubs fan and at the time of the shoot we were a little nervous about facing Washington and Matt Scherzer (who we thought only had a cramp and wouldn’t have any issues pitching). Turns out we love facing Matt Scherzer and the Cubs move on! (That game was all kinds of crazy…winning in only dramatic fashion the Cubs can).

This family is just so kind and fun to be with, I enjoy my hour of time with them. As you can see by the last picture the photoshoot lasted exactly 1 hour….and I was alerted to when my time was up :). Of course on a Cubs watch :).

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