With My Kids

Hey all! Happy New Year!

It’s another new year, and another year where I’m going to try my hardest to post here more often, and challenge myself in new ways. One of those ways is to try and include my kids more in photo shoots. They are old enough to have some ideas of their own and I have some older camera equipment I’m no longer using but are still very useable.

The first is my Olympus Pen, the first one that came out about 7 years ago. I loved having a smaller camera but it was just a little slow for what I’ve been wanting to do.  My 4 year old, Rocky, is using this one. It’s really small and light for his smaller hands and he has no problems pressing the shutter.

The second piece of equipment that is getting dusty on my shelves is my trusty Canon 40d. I loved this camera. I mean. Loved. This is the camera that got me started with this small business and taught me a ton. I upgraded to a 5Dmkiii last fall which blows my mind every time I use it. I have a 50mm lens that has some focusing issues, but is very lightweight. My older daughter, Lucy,  who just turned 7 is using this one. Over time I have other lenses she can try out as well.

For our first trip together we went to our local Chicago Public School’s community garden. The kids were fascinated with a hollowed out log so all three of us took a picture of that. Then while I was following their lead, I did my best getting pictures of them taking pictures and then was able to show them how their picture came out. I love the picture of Rocky curled up in a ball because Lucy was for sure posing him to do that.

So with that I’ll say, here’s to new adventures! I’m going to try new things, take more pictures and post those pictures and stories. Here’s to a great 2017!


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